About Betsy Adams

Betsy Adams is a pen name adopted to honor two smart, romantic women – Betsy Ross and Abigail Adams.

Betsy Ross chose love over her Quaker religion and her family. At the age of twenty-one, she eloped with fellow upholstery apprentice and non-Quaker John Ross. After their union, Betsy’s family and the Quaker community cut all ties with her. In her eighty-four years, Betsy was married three times and ran a successful upholstery business. There is much more to Betsy Ross than sewing the first American flag. Someone make a biopic, please!

The love between Abigail and John Adams is legendary, and documented in over 1,000 intimate and cerebral letters. In 1776, Abigail famously told her husband that the new nation must “remember the ladies,” but in the pages of their letters, these two
lovers were equals in their passion for each other and ideas.

Betsy Adams lives with her family in a coastal town on Long Island (New York). She is the creator of the Americans in Love romance series.

“Even when we are most divided, a happily ever after is always possible if we open our hearts to love.”

-Betsy Adams

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